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Change starts
from home

We work with a mission aligned with and invested in environmental, social and governance concerns

Change starts
from home

We work with a mission aligned with and invested in environmental, social and governance concerns

Nature First Diamonds

As an eco-conscious brand that aims to coexist in harmony with nature, we incorporate the environmental considerations stated by the UN under its Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.

We are devoted to a future with 0 emissions that paves the way for a better tomorrow for the coming generations. To do our part, we have implemented renewable energy systems, involving a total of 90 acres dedicated to solar plants. These solar plants generate 25 MW of energy, proving that a brighter tomorrow is not beyond our reach. With these developments, we look forward to taking more steps in our energy sustainability journey.

Creating Opportunities to Shine

We at Greenlab Diamonds are driven to strive for excellence while being mindful of everything and everyone. We strive to achieve this not just by creating the most sparkling sustainable diamonds but by adopting environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. These considerations and goals build a brand that creates a long-term value chain for businesses and the people every day.

Our goals also include empowering our people by providing opportunities and elevating their livelihoods. We achieve this by nurturing and training our employees to be skilled farmers and precision sculptors.

Affordable & Sustainable

We’re on the mission to make luxury, sustainable and affordable. Our artisans craft high-quality diamonds irrespective of their affordability aspect. With us, you can pick the diamond that’s right for you – not the one that fits your budget.

With an astounding production of 1,25,000 carats per month and an increase in revenue by 300% year on year, we are proud to be the leaders in our industry.

Tree Plantation Activity

Greenlab Diamonds cultivates a sustainable legacy, fostering environmental harmony through a tree plantation drive in collaboration with Nature Club, ensuring our commitment to a CO2 emission-free world.

Education for All

Greenlab Diamond LLP’s CSR initiative champions primary education in rural communities, providing essential support to government schools through stationery distribution, food packages, infrastructure development, and a focus on sanitation, fostering a sustainable foundation for the young minds of tomorrow.

Sponsoring Smiles for the Elderly

Greenlab Foundation extends smiles on Seva Diwas, collaborating with Surat Diamond Hospital to provide free denture treatment to the elderly, marking Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s Birthday under the ‘CHAHERO UTAVE ANAND UTSAV’ scheme, benefiting thousands and continuing the program for two more years.

Aligned with ISO and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We prioritise authenticity and transparency in our work. We have been successfully assessed and certified for meeting multiple ISO standards, which include greenhouse gas emission reduction, sustainable procurement, quality management system, and occupational health and safety.

Along with this, we constantly strive to meet the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). We have done extensive work under different goals. Some of the notable actions taken are carbon footprint calculation and reduction, energy trend report and having a solar farm as well as wind mills.

From making our workplace safe for all genders, ensuring fair pay to supporting local communities, we are here to make a difference.

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