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The maestro of maestros

Shaping the future of the diamond indust

The maestro of maestros

Shaping the future of the diamond industry

The Maestro of Maestros

Shaping the future of the diamond industry

With a lineage and expertise of more than half a century in the diamond industry, our leadership team is truly equipped and driven to take on the ever-evolving market trends and needs of consumers.

Our team of dedicated individuals share the vision of putting the planet and the people before everything else. Hence we sparkle bright like our diamonds globally and have won many titles and accolades.


A second-generation entrepreneur and Chairman of Greenlab Diamonds, Mukesh Patel revolutionizes the diamond industry through sustainable lab-grown diamonds, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. 

Beyond business, Mr. Patel champions philanthropy, uplifting communities in India, particularly in Gujarat and Surat, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and dedication.

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With over 25 years in sales and exports, Vipul Patel blends technical expertise and business acumen, specialising in the diamond industry. He is an engineering graduate who has served a decade abroad for business development. in order to spread the strength of the group across the globe. As the dynamic sales director at Greenlab Diamonds, he strategically positions the company globally, driving growth through innovative sales strategies and ethical practices, earning him recognition as a leader in the competitive diamond market.


With over 22 years of experience, Jitesh Patel adeptly oversees administration and manufacturing. His finance prowess ensures smooth operations, contributing to sustainable growth. 

His multifaceted role extends to real estate development in Surat, showcasing his leadership and expertise in lab-grown diamond cultivation, making him a distinguished industry figure.

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A seasoned visionary and Director of Greenlab Diamonds who boasts a decade of expertise. At such a young age, Smit Patel is leading as the GJEPC convenor of the lab-grown diamond division. 

With a degree in Global Business Management and a rich familial legacy in diamond industry, Mr. Patel leads Greenlab’s multifaceted operations, including research, sales, marketing, and spearheads the Jewellery division.


Sanket Patel, a seasoned professional with a decade of diverse industry experience, excels in driving organisational growth through comprehensive business strategies.
He combines industry expertise with a commitment to innovation in growing CVD Lab Grown Diamonds & its Marketing.


Miraj Patel, a dynamic professional with a Bachelor’s in Engineering and Entrepreneurship, leverages his tech expertise as Chief Sales Officer at Greenlab Diamonds LLP. Rising from a family-run business, Miraj introduced tech advancements, fostering efficiency and client satisfaction. His leadership fuels team success, product innovation, and long-term prosperity for Greenlab Diamonds.

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